Workplace dynamics are continually shifting due to the largest workforce segment, millennials. Their contemporary, technology-driven and fast paced culture have had significant impacts on corporate real estate across the nation. Designers, developers and other commercial real estate professionals are noticing this shift and producing some incredible corporate real estate projects. Commercial Property Executive (CPE) recently published a segment on this topic in their November issue. Read the excerpt below then click the green button at the bottom of the page to read the full article.


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Spector Group’s design for Magna, a New York City investment firm headquartered at 40 Wall St. in Manhattan, illustrates the Millennial influence on the corporate settings of tenants in traditional business categories.
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Millennials in Motion

As the largest, fastest-growing segment of the workforce, Millennials are having a dramatic effect on the modern office. Their well-documented influence on technology, media and advertising continues to shape workplace strategies for those creative industries. Perhaps less obvious, however, is the long reach of the Millennial factor. In a bid to capture this powerful cohort, developers and designers are increasingly blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary workplaces and sometimes even between property categories.

Take, for example, a four-building project scheduled to break ground early next year in Carlsbad, Calif. At first glance, a casual observer will probably mistake it for a contemporary office campus, marked by sleek lines and inviting glass facades. Yet the 212,000-square-foot campus, dubbed dis•trib•ute, will actually be a cutting-edge industrial facility.

The project is the brainchild of RAF Pacifica Group, which is making a mission of bringing indoor/outdoor amenities and a creative
corporate headquarters aesthetic to the industrial sector. To accommodate the tastes and lifestyles of Millennials, RAF Pacifica introduced a branded concept called Creative Industrial.

“I noticed that not only were there more Millennials in the workforce but many were starting to take over businesses that were run by their families or starting their own,” explained Adam Robinson, founding principal of the Encinitas, Calif.-based firm. “They think they’re walking into a Class A office space, but it’s got a warehouse behind it.” One project attracted a tenant with the curb appeal of its two-story, glass-enclosed lobby and private outdoor break area.

Although the designs offer ample curb appeal, Robinson emphasizes that the properties will provide the standard features expected by industrial clients: grade-level and dock-high loading doors and 30-foot-plus ceiling clear heights, for example…

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