CRE Technology – Are We Just Talking to Ourselves?

In this day and age, technology is continuously growing. Industries across the world are finding new ways to connect with and reach clients. CRE technology could be extremely useful and generate leads, if more people actually learned what’s out there to use. Michael Beckerman recently published a blog post that was featured on The Broker List on the topic of CRE technology. Beckerman discusses a CRE tech conference that he recently attended that got him thinking about the lack of CRE tech users. In commercial real estate, brokers and other professionals should learn about ways to connect with clients. You can read an excerpt of Beckerman’s article below, then click the green button at the bottom to read mobio-bluere.

I was at the amazing CRE // Tech Intersect event recently in NYC. Congrats to my friend Pierce Neinken on another extraordinary event! I was fortunate to have met Pierce when he first started this event platform a few years ago and to see where he has taken it is truly astonishing. From an idea to thousands of the best companies and people participating in his events… WOW!

In meeting with many of the best and most innovative startups in the sector, one theme kept coming up over and over again… “Where are the users?!?!”

Here you have the best startups, the brightest minds, the industry thought leaders… all in one room. Talking. Demonstrating. Interacting. Largely, to themselves. And to their tech peers.

This got me thinking.

It’s actually the biggest issue facing the tech sector right now. Where are the users? Why aren’t they walking the halls and learning all they can? Sure, there were some really significant brokers and landlords there, but the place should have been crawling with them!

If I were a broker or landlord, I would want to be learning about Hightower, VTS, REThink,CompStak, RealConnex, Ten-X and the other 100 or so other start ups gathered!

CRE // Tech Intersect is just about the best there is in the business, but I see this at this event as well as almost all of the other real estate tech events I go to.

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