Apps for the Commercial Real Estate Broker

Let’s face it, it’s a digital world that we are living and working in. As commercial real estate brokers, we are constantly on the go. Whether it’s answering emails, calling clients, or updating listings, we do a lot of our work on our smartphones. There are millions of apps out there to make our work more efficient, but which ones are best for the busy commercial real estate broker? The Hightower Blog recently published a blog post on this very topic. Read an excerpt from the article below, then click the green button at the bottom of the page to explore the other apps every commercial real estate broker needs.



There’s no question that commercial real estate is becoming an increasingly mobile industry – brokers are constantly on the move and they need to run their leasing business from their phone. Here’s a list of go-to apps for commercial real estate brokers.


If you’re a real estate professional and haven’t checked out Floored, you are seriously missing out. One of the hardest parts about marketing an under-construction building is selling the space’s potential. Floored creates 3D renderings of any space that allow prospects to visualize the space they need. Maybe you have an unfinished building and your client wants to see what it would look like as a finished office. Or maybe you have a space that is finished and furnished and they want to see it as a blank slate. Floored can do it all. 


The nice thing about Evernote is it’s like a dozen apps in one. You can use it to take notes, record audio clips, snap photos, scan documents, share notes, make presentations on the fly, and more. The best thing about Evernote: besides being like a digital brain, the platform automatically syncs across all devices – computer, tablet, and phone without skipping a beat. It is also easily searchable, since the notes are stored as structured data, meaning your notes and thoughts are never more than a few keystrokes away. 

The News Funnel

We all have our favorite news sources, but it’s nice to have an app that is specifically for industry news. The News Funnel is free and streams aggregated real estate news 24/7. You can create a customized feed and get instant access to relevant local and national news…

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